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High Water Bills? Consider a Water Deduct Meter

by Stephanie Tonnies on 08/13/12

Many customers have remarked that their water bills have been much higher than normal due to the drought.  Some municipalities, including Albers and New Baden, have ordinances allowing the use of water deduct meters.  These meters must be registered with the Village Hall and are used to measure the amount of water being used by outside hydrants.  Water used outside doesn't enter the sewer system, so the municipality will deduct the sewer cost for outside watering from your water/sewer bill.  Sewer costs are much higher than water costs.  The water deduct meters often pay for themselves in the first month at locations with swimming pools, sprinkler systems, and excessive landscape irrigation.  They're easy to install:  they simply connect to your outside hydrant and a garden hose.  Contact your Village or City Hall to see if water deduct meters are permitted; we have the meters in stock.

Want to water your landscaping but worry that you might forget to turn the hose off?  Consider using a water timer.  These timers attach to a hose and automatically shut off when you want.  Simply set the timers for the amount of time you want the water to be on, whether it's 30 minutes or 2 hours.  Stop in today for your timer!

We also have many types of sprinklers, soaker hoses, sprayers, and nozzles for all of your lawn and garden needs.

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