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Tonnies Tool Time

High Water Bills? Consider a Water Deduct Meter

by Stephanie Tonnies on 08/13/12

Many customers have remarked that their water bills have been much higher than normal due to the drought.  Some municipalities, including Albers and New Baden, have ordinances allowing the use of water deduct meters.  These meters must be registered with the Village Hall and are used to measure the amount of water being used by outside hydrants.  Water used outside doesn't enter the sewer system, so the municipality will deduct the sewer cost for outside watering from your water/sewer bill.  Sewer costs are much higher than water costs.  The water deduct meters often pay for themselves in the first month at locations with swimming pools, sprinkler systems, and excessive landscape irrigation.  They're easy to install:  they simply connect to your outside hydrant and a garden hose.  Contact your Village or City Hall to see if water deduct meters are permitted; we have the meters in stock.

Want to water your landscaping but worry that you might forget to turn the hose off?  Consider using a water timer.  These timers attach to a hose and automatically shut off when you want.  Simply set the timers for the amount of time you want the water to be on, whether it's 30 minutes or 2 hours.  Stop in today for your timer!

We also have many types of sprinklers, soaker hoses, sprayers, and nozzles for all of your lawn and garden needs.

Saturday is the Big Day!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 06/13/12

Saturday is our 100th Anniversary Celebration, and we just logged in 100+ prizes!  Included in the list of prizes are a $450 gas fire pit, a traditional fire pit, wooden bench, bird bath, and much, much more!  Be sure to stop in between 8 and 2 Saturday to register for a chance to win!  The first 100 customers who make a purchase will also receive a complimentary bag of goodies! 

We'll also have hot dogs, popcorn, and beverages for those who stop by. 

Don't forget to check out our sale ad, and definitely take advantage of Milwaukee Tool's great deals that day.  A representative from Milwaukee will be on hand for tool demos Saturday.

We appreciate all of our customers, and this is our way of saying thanks!

Milwaukee Deals for our Anniversary Celebration

by Stephanie Tonnies on 06/01/12

We've teamed up with Milwaukee to offer some incredible deals just for our 100th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, June 16, 2012.  These deals are available June 16 only!

1.  Trade in any cordless tool with a battery (regardless of condition), and get an M18 Tool Combo Kit for only $399.  The Combo Kit includes a 1/2" Hammer Drill, Sawzall, Impact Driver, Flashlight, 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, and a Nylon Carrying Bag.

2. Free M18 Battery (value $140) with the purchase of a new Milwaukee M18 Fuel (brushless) 1/2" Hammer Drill Kit ($299.99) or a new M18 Fuel 1/4" Hex Impact Driver ($299.99).  The new Fuel line offers up to 10X longer motor life, up to 25% more power, and up to 50% more run-time. This line is the best of the best!

3.  M18 Hammer Drill with 1/4" Hex Impact Driver Kit - $299.

4.  M12 3/8" Drill/Driver with FREE M12 Radio (value $114.85) - $179.

5.  FREE Milwaukee t-shirt with the purchase of $30 in Milwaukee Accessories.

All of these deals are while supplies last, so don't delay that day!  View the ad here

100th Anniversary Celebration June 16!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 05/24/12

The time is almost here...our 100th anniversary celebration will be held at the store Saturday, June 16, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Stop by for store specials, prize drawings, refreshments, and much more!

We hope to see you there.  Our business has been successful because of our dedicated employees and loyal customers, and for that, we're very appreciative!

New Online Catalog!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 04/04/12

At Tonnies Hardware & Rental, we often joke that if we don't have it, you probably don't need it!  Now you can search our warehouse's catalog to see if the item you're looking for is available through our warehouse.  You'll be able to add it to your shopping cart to keep a running list.  Can't find the item you need in our catalog?  Don't worry!  We can almost always find a supplier for an item, even if it's not stocked in our warehouse.  Just let us know what you need, and we'll find it for you.  We order through our warehouse on Tuesdays and receive our orders on Thursdays.

In other news, our April ad starts today and ends April 14.  We hope to have the ad on our website on the "Shop Our Ad" page very soon.  You'll be able to view the ad online and add it to your "Shopping List," which you'll be able to print or e-mail.  This will be a handy feature for Father's Day shopping! 

New in the store this week is Rust-Oleum's LeakSeal, a sprayable flexible rubber coating that seals leaks instantly, creating a water-tight, paintable finish.  It's great for gutters, roofs, flashing, ductwork, PVC, masonry, concrete, and more.

Our rental department continues to be popular with landscaping projects.  Call to rent slit seeders, aerators, dethatchers, bedscapers, and much more!

As a final note, we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  We'll be open Good Friday from 8-5 as usual.

New Additions to the Tonnies Family!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 03/19/12

There's been a lot of excitement around the store lately! On February 2, we welcomed twins into our hardware family.  Sheryl is now the proud mother of twins Lena and Owen, and Ava is very excited to be the big sister.  Sheryl is staying home with the twins until they get a little older and can start visiting the store like big sister Ava.  "Nana and Papa" are enjoying spending time with their three little angels, and I love holding them...when they're not crying, of course!
We've also added some new products at the store.  Stop in to check out the new Zar wood stains, new fluorescent pink spray paints, and an Emergency LED Safety Flare Light by Interstate Batteries.  This flare light is circular (3" diameter, 1.5" deep), offers 16 super bright LEDs that give 360 degree coverage and nine selectable flash patterns.  This handy disc has a built-in magnet to mount on the side of a car, it's durable and shock/vibration resistant, waterproof, it floats, offers visibility up to 10 miles away, has a run-time of up to 100 hours, and is much safer than burning old-fashioned flares that are less-effective in inclement weather.

This is also the time of year for landscaping projects, and we have the equipment that you need!  Call Dave to rent lawn aerators, slit seeders, bedscapers, the leaf vacuum, and much more!  View the Rental page of our website to see a list of the available equipment.  We also sell grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, soil, and sand.

Burpee Seeds Are In!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 01/26/12

One of the first signs that spring is near is the delivery of our Burpee Seed display, and guess what arrived this week!  Our Burpee Seed display!  We have the most popular vegetable, herb, fruit, and flower seeds.  Plant your seeds inside now so that they're ready to be transplanted this spring, giving your garden a head start on the growing season.  We have all of your gardening needs here: peat pots, trowels, fertilizer, watering cans, grow lights, and watering trays.  Stop in today!

Celebrating Our 100th Year in Business!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 01/03/12

Happy New Year!

Today is the first business day of our 100th year in business!  In 1912, Tonnies Store was established by my great-grandfather, Frank Tonnies.  As a general store, we sold everything from groceries and dry goods to hardware.  Weekly trips to St. Louis were made to buy new goods and other supplies came in via train.  Much has changed by way of transportation and technology!

I still remember hand pricing all of the items in the store with pricing guns.  When we switched to UPC scanning, it was a big deal!  Gen Yers have no concept of hand-keyed prices.

Some of the neat items we still have are the ledgers used during the time of bartering.  Each family had an account page in the ledger, with one column for items brought in, and the other column for items that left the store.

June 16 is going to be our celebration date, so watch for more details as the date approaches.  We can't wait to celebrate with all of our customers!

Safe Door Systems EZ Armor Combo Set

by Stephanie Tonnies on 12/15/11

Help protect your home with the Safe Door Systems' EZ Armor Combo Set.  This door security kit offers effective kick-in protection by reinforcing the key points of your door without having to remove any of the locks or trim around the door.  Included in the kit are Mini Door Shields, Hinge Shields, and a jamb shield.  The door shields help prevent the doors from splitting if an attempted break-in is made.  The hings shields secure the hinges, an the jamb shield is a 48" steel L-shaped plate that reinforces the door jamb.  The combo kit retails for $69.88 and provides priceless peace of mind.

Other simple steps to take for added security include illuminating the entrances to your home.  Whether you use a dusk to dawn light that automatically comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn, or you use a motion-sensor light, it makes it more difficult for criminals to hide.  They're also helpful for you and your unexpected guests who may need light when walking up to your door. 

This week we also have light timers on sale for $4.49.  Simply set the timer to go on just before dusk and go off when you go to bed.  Once the timer is set, it maintains those times and will automatically turn a lamp on and off, creating the illusion that someone is home.

This time of year, it's ever-important to keep your doors locked and blinds or shades closed so that criminals can't see inside.  Don't have Christmas gifts visible from your windows, either.

Stop in for other simple solutions!  We wish you a safe and healthy holiday season!

Welcome to Our Blog!

by Stephanie Tonnies on 11/03/11

Welcome to our new website and blog!  Developing the site has been both challenging and rewarding.  Our goal is to provide our current customers and potential customers with a general source of information to describe what we have to offer the community.  My dad, Steve, has always impressed upon us the importance of keeping our business local.  Hopefully, our website and blog will help showcase our departments and services so that those in need of hardware know that they can get everything they need right here! 

My interest in developing the website came from answering the phones at the store.  Some of the questions I received were very basic for hardware stores, like, "Do you have some plumbing parts at your store?" leading me to believe that if a potential customer hasn't been in our store, he has no idea just how expansive our product line is - over 30,000 products.  We cater to both the Do-It-Yourselfers and contractors. 

We plan to announce new items and innovations on our blog, along with some helpful tips and tricks...and maybe even a special now and then, so stay tuned!  And, as always, if you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!


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